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I have a child in Reception year and a nearly 2-year-old (although, he could be older as I forget to update this!). I started wearing my first son when he was a few weeks old, and loved the cuddles! There have been many times when it’s been a lot more practical than using a buggy, which I’ve been so grateful for. I really want to share the benefits and experience with others and hope to encourage people to try babywearing.


23rd April - phone (11)

I have two small people, one school age, one pre-schooler and have worn them both from a couple of days old. I always wanted to babywear, having seen a few mums out and about with their babies in wraps, and I tried out various different types of carrier along the way. I am passionate about the benefits of baby wearing and want to enable other local parents to take a shortcut by trying a range of carriers at our library, so they can find one to suit them!


I’m mum to three boys- Rupert who is three, Felix who is eighteen months and newborn Ptolemy, as well as step-mum to Florence who’s four. I’ve worn all my boys since birth thanks to a wonderful babywearing role model, my sister Gina! With her help and advice I wore Rupert from birth and thanks to her, amongst others, I well and truly fell down the babywearing rabbit hole. With a toddler and a baby, being able to wear one/both has made life so much more manageable (twice!) in so many ways for me as well as my partner. I’m passionate about how easy and beneficial babywearing is and want to enable as many people as possible to give it a go!